About us

My name is Ardavan Shafiie and I have designed a CO2-neutral smart Golf power plant. As a mechanical engineer I have years of experience with the design of specialist tools for the energy sector. Throughout my career, I worked for several large energy companies where maintenance, repair and troubleshooting of industrial machinery was my passion.  I've always been fascinated in the world and nature which I feel very attracted to. I’m also involved in developments in the area of climate change and sustainability. From my student days I'm not only a donor of Green Peace but I continue looking for ways to help and protect nature and people. During my career I became increasingly aware of this. This has led to further research into the different sources of renewable energy and systems for energy generation. The various studies, testing and thinking have led at some point to an innovative machine that I have designed. This machine generates electrical energy through sea waves. For this new innovative machine a European patent was granted. The next phase is the application of a global patent.

Currently I'm busy with accessing various organizations and businesses to create a prototype and test my machine. Besides doing the engineering work of the project I ask for advice and help at different agencies and individuals. Now a number of organization and companies (Ratio-ip, Incubator-E, Ondernemersklankbord, StartersCentrum Limburg, SkyVision Heerlen, Pyramid It and Papoola Solutions) help and support me both technically and in the field of business in the further development, innovation and business development of my project. As a result, I stay focused and proceed further in the project step by step. With this team, I will succeed!

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